What makes people tick?

I've explored this question over the course of my 35-year professional career as an executive search consultant and executive coach. I've learned that what makes successful and effective leaders tick is grounded in self-knowledge and self-acceptance. This is what enables leaders to stand in moral integrity, take the helm and lead with credibility and equanimity.

Language is the key.

It's the only tool we have. Think about it: how does anything get done? What do we do all day? We have conversations.

Conversations can create success, alignment, inspiration, followership, or they can make a mess. This is true whether we are delivering hard news or sharing joy.

How do companies hire great leaders who will move the business ahead? They do it through conversations. If they can language the need positively, they will attract the right leader.

If they can language the conversations of the hiring process with sincerity, reliability, and clarity about the competencies needed, then trust will be established and success will occur.

I am an expert in creating these conversations.
I love what I do.

In my practice, coaching conversations are about establishing leadership. We identify and develop the doing and the being of leadership. The doing of leadership includes questions such as:

• What is the conversation that is needed to solve the issue or create alignment or move toward a declared goal?

• Strategically who is the right person to be in this
conversation with?

• What is the design of the conversation?

The being of leadership flows through our conversations.
We work on embodying leadership, answering the question,
"who am I as a leader?"

When you know what makes you tick, you become a leader in every aspect of your life. I promise to help you do that.

Let's have a conversation about your leadership.

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